ZipLine Auto Glass Cutting Line 300 ft

Part# ZL300



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The auto glass industry has been reduced to using steel wire for decades for removing glass from vehicles.  Finally its time to eliminate it completely reduce unnecessary wire breaking paint scratching and unnecessary safety hazards.  The ZipLine™ is engineered and developed to provide durability strength performance and safety to enhance the cutting results of precision OEM situations with tight tolerances and expensive hardware. The ZipLine™ is a state of the art material designed to completely eliminate auto body scratching that occurs when using standard steel or braided wire.  In conjunction with its anti-scratch quality the ZipLine™ features a Å“no load under stress reaction to line breakage. If the line breaks it will not retract spin or coil the way steel and braided wires do. To reduce clip and hardware damage ZipLine™ has a failure (breaking point) simular to steel and braided wire.  Available is 25ft and 300ft. 300 ft of Zipline
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