Kong Auto Glass Cut Out Tool

Part# AGWCS1



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Glass Technologys patent pending KONG™ provides a simple solution that only needs one tool for the cutting process. Invasive methods will simply damage the vehicle. The KONG™ takes a better approach to removing a windshield. Unlike traditional methods that use blades to cut through the urethane of the windshield the KONGTM) uses the strength and durability of the Gorilla Cord™ and ZipLine™ to easily and effectively slice through urethane using its Advantage Angle Cutting Technology (AACT) without negatively affecting the body of the vehicle. With the KONG™ there is no need for additional pulleys or equipment to be attached to the windshield and with its dual cutting technology a technician can cut the windshield out in half the time of standard wire cutting methods. Imagine cutting the urethane across the dash and headliner of a windshield simultaneously - this was impossible until the introduction of the KONG™!Kit includes: 1 KONG™ Ratchet System 2 Line Shields 1 T-Handle Wire Starter 1 250ft Reusable Gorilla Cord™ 1 300ft Reusable ZipLine™. All packaged in a heavy-duty plastic foam-lined case.
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