Gorilla Cord Auto Glass Cutting Line 250 ft

Part# GC250



$50.00 In Stock
Gorilla Cord™ has been engineered and developed to provide maximum durability and strength while continuing to provide safety to the technician. Gorilla Cord™ is a new addition to Glass Technologys family of auto glass cutting line. In addition to Glass Technologys proprietary Zipline™ that provides the same strength and durablity as steel and braided wire in a safe user friendly synethic š¬Ã…œline for precision cut outs on OEM and after market vehicles with tight tolerances and expensive hardware Gorilla Cord™ is designed for aftermarket windshields and late model vehicles with old and hard urethane. The Gorilla Cords state of the art material was built off of the original Zipline™ design with additional tubular fiber reinforcements to increase the strength and the abrasion resistant properties. Gorilla Cord™ features a š¬Ã…œno load under stress reaction to line breakage. If the line breaks it will not retract spin or coil dangerously the way steel and braided wires do. This keeps the technician safe from potential injury. Gorilla Cord™ should only be used for older harder aftermarket urethanes where additional tensile strength is needed. Available in 250ft.
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