SuperWire Auto Glass Cut Out System

Part# 71470161090



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FEINs SuperWire is a reliable tool for removing vehicle windshield. The SuperWire from FEIN is the worlds first motorised system for removing windshields in one step. As well as being convenient to use the SuperWire delivers reliable results without damaging the vehicle body. Fitting and operating the SuperWire is very simple. The unit isnt moved at all during the process so the job doesnt have to be interrupted. The anti-metal cut system (metal detector) available as a separate accessory issues an acoustic signal to warn the operator when he is making contact and at risk of damaging the vehicle body with the wire. The motorized unit and remote control allow the windshield to be removed from either the outside or inside without great physical exertion. The deflection unit can be adapted in numerous ways. It is perfectly suited to side and rear windows and windshields which are very curved.
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