GlassPlus Heavy Latex Coating on Double Layer Kevlar

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GlassPlus® - Heavy Latex Coating on Double Layer Kevlar® Palm - ANSI Level 5Thick heavyweight sheet glass places enormous stress on cut resistant gloves. Glass is the hardest substance which means that it subjects gloves to the greatest cut and abrasion hazards. GlassPlus® gloves are designed for use in handling large thick glass panels. These gloves feature full Kevlar® protection on both the palm and backside of the hand. The palm surface has a second layer of Kevlar® for added cut protection. The special latex palm coating resists the extreme abrasion and cutting action that heavy plate glass can exert on protective gloves. The smooth palm coating affords maximum surface contact for an increased grip when handling large flat panels. Note: These gloves contain latex. Latex can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals.

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