Scratch Hog Glass Scratch Repair Kit - Heavy Duty




$1,795.00 In Stock
Introducing the Scratch Hog™ Glass Scratch Repair Kit - Heavy Duty. When large applications require glass restoration the Scratch Hog  - Heavy Duty system is the ideal solution for removing all types of glass scratch damage. This is our most complete solution for all industrial glass restoration applications. Tested distortion free the effectiveness of this system in conjunction with the Scratch Hog  - Standard system is the most complete solution available for small to multi-million dollar applications.Note: That the Scratch Hog - Heavy Duty system is used for the removal of heavy and broad scratching damage on all glass surfaces.  A final polishing system is required to restore the original finish to the glass.  It is recommended that a user purchase the Scratch Hog - Standard system for the most efficient solution for the final step in restoring the orginal finish to the glass surface.  Alternative options are available when restoring the orignial finish. 
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