Scratch Hog Combo




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Scratch Hog™ Combination Kit         Scratch Hog™ Heavy Duty system for large applications that require extensive glass restoration.  The Scratch Hog™ Heavy Duty system started the glass scratch revolution that has occured since its invention in 2000 the ideal solution for removing all types of glass scratch damage on a large scale.  This is our most complete solution for all industrial glass restoration applications. AS™  Tested distortion free the effectiveness of this system in conjunction with the Scratch Hog  Standard system is the most complete solution available from small to multi-million dollar applications. Polish to a crystal clear finish with the Scratch Hog™  Standard system which offers the broadest repair capabilities in the glass restoration business also tested distortion free the effectiveness of this system is unmatched.  In many small or isolated glass scratch damage the Scratch Hog - Standard system can just be used for the repair.The combination of these two glass restoration systems give the operator the most versatile capability available today. 
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