Diamond Clear Headlight Repair Kit

Part# DIY-AR-P



$48.50 In Stock
This DIY headlight repair kit goes beyond restoring just yellowed and foggy headlights and acrylic surfaces. This system is designed to repair heavier damaged headlights or acrylics by repairing sub-surface damage including: pitting scratching crazing rough deterioration of the exterior of your headlights or any other acrylics. Its specifically designed for headlights boat windows vinyl windows acrylic skylights motorcycle windshields aquariums etc.  Improves night driving safety works best using any cordless drill takes approx. 10 minutes.  Includes materials to accurately sand and polish the acrylic surfaces to a new finish.  Also includes a bonus UV protection spray the will increase the longevity of the repaired surface. To see it work view video here.  Order now
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